Story Sri Lanka | 01 February 2023
Answered Prayers from Sri Lanka - Beaten up Pastor and his brother, now recovering from his injuries


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Early last year, Pastor Charles* and his brother, Anthony*, were severely beaten because they played Christian hymns at a family event held in their home. Pastor Charles’ brother, Anthony, suffered fractures on his arms and legs, and his family feared he might not be able to walk again. But when Open Doors field partners visited the family again 8 months later, they were amazed and grateful for God’s faithfulness to this family.

Anthony walked up and down their living room. “I can’t do any heavy work yet, but I can walk around and even climb a few stairs now,” he said. His recovery brought great joy and comfort to his family members and was an answer to their prayers.

The attack on Pastor Charles and Anthony happened during Sri Lanka’s economic crisis when medical supplies were scarce. But by God’s grace, Anthony was able to undergo much-needed surgery and receive treatment for his injuries. Even amidst such terrible circumstances, God’s grace and favor never left his side—every step he takes is a testament to God’s goodness.

When field partners first heard about this incident and learned Pastor Charles was receiving death threats, they installed CCTV cameras on the church premises. Since Pastor Charles lived in a remote part of the country, CCTV footage would provide invaluable evidence to be used in court, especially if the majority Hindu community refuses to stand with them. In addition to collecting evidence, these cameras would also help ensure the family’s safety.

“Now villagers are scared to do anything to us because of the CCTV cameras,” Pastor Charles confided. “They’re scared to come this way, but because we have the cameras now, I feel less afraid to go outside.” Pastor Charles had been left traumatized by the incident and had found it difficult to leave his house for some time. “I am doing much better now,” he shared.

“Thank you for coming to see us,” Pastor Charles continued. “Thank you for helping us and praying for us. Because you stood with us during that time, we didn’t feel alone.”

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please pray

1.       Please continue praying for Anthony’s complete recovery. Pray that he would be able to go back to work again soon.

2.       Pray for the protection of Pastor Charles and his family as they continue serving God in this village. Pray that God would keep them safe from harm and provide for their every need.


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