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“After Peter Died, My Faith Doubled”

“After Peter Died, My Faith Doubled”

“Peter brought so much happiness to everyone in this house,” his mother says, still grappling with the loss of her young son. She could not accept what had happened. “I don’t feel any anger towards God, but I have so many questions.” And the question that kept resonating within her was: “Why?” No one could offer her any answers to her questions. “Lord, you gave us that joy. Now please give us peace,” she prayed.

“We are all united in His name” – messages from around the world bring encouragement to India’s persecuted Christians

“We are all united in His name” – messages from around the world bring encouragement to India’s persecuted Christians

Manan*, a 27-year-old ministry worker (male): “Recently, I and my church people were beaten up brutally by the Hindu extremists. I was helped by this organization after the incident. I also attended the persecution preparedness seminar and heard about all the encouragement messages. We thank God for your love and concern towards us.”

Arnav*, a 37-year-old evangelist (male): “I face many struggles in preaching. Sometimes I am discouraged. We thank God for your ministry which reaches us and encourages us. I am also touched by your messages of encouragement. In one of the letters I was reminded of Psalm 119:5. I really want my ways to be steadfast in obeying the decrees (of God).”

An Open Doors local partners says, “We are really thankful for all the love and concern that our brothers and sisters around the world have expressed towards the Christians in India. Through these messages and letters, people have been touched and encouraged. The situation in India is becoming more challenging than ever, but the work of God continues on, stronger than before. Please continue to pray for India.” 

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