World Watch List 2020

Open Doors’ annual list of 50 countries where Christian persecution is most severe

Launched on January 15, 2020

See. Change.

Strengthen, restore and give courage to women like Rikiya.

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Beaten, neglected and abused: A crisis for Indian Christians during COVID-19

Beaten, neglected and abused: A crisis for Indian Christians during COVID-19

But because of the coronavirus pandemic that has led to a lockdown in India, these believers can no longer get their daily necessities elsewhere. We asked Open Doors’ local partners, pastor Samuel* and sister Heena*, how Christians—especially those in rural areas—are doing in the midst of this brutal pandemic and lockdown.

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Magazine and Prayer Calendars | April-June 2020

The Open Doors World Watch List is a unique, comprehensive, and reliable ranking of the 50 countries where the persecution of Christians is most extreme. These are where, daily, Christians are harassed, insulted, abused. Where they could be beaten, imprisoned, or even killed.

And yet these are also places where they dare to share Jesus, no matter the cost.

Because, despite the danger, Christians in these countries are still sharing the good news. The church is alive, active, growing.

Christ is building His church. That’s why all attempts to crush the church will always fail. In North Korean labor camps and Iranian prison blocks, in secret Chinese house churches and in the burned-out shells of buildings in Nigeria, Christians are still actively following Jesus.

But they need our support.

Thanks to the gifts and prayers of Christians around the world, Open Doors is able to stand alongside Christians whose faith puts them in danger. After all, we are one body, one church. They are not strangers. They are our family, our brothers and sisters.

I invite you to see what is happening to our family in different parts of the world through this guide and to pray for and with them.

– BJ (Development Manager, Open Doors Philippines)

Take Action


Lift up your persecuted family to God regularly. Remember them in your daily quiet times, family bondings, Bible study group, ministry gatherings, and church worship services.


Commit through God’s enabling to give monthly, quarterly, or yearly to the persecuted church. Your gift of whatever amount is of great value in empowering persecuted believers around the world.


Mobilize your local church for the persecuted church. Invite us to your church service, prayer gatherings, Bible study groups, missions month activities, school or any other church activity.

…I am still seeking my brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for their faith—not only because they need me, but because I need them. We are all part of the same fellowship of believers, which the Bible calls the Body of Christ. We need one another. We all have a calling to do God‘s work—together. – Brother Andrew