This Christmas, help families like Abraham’s shine with hope.

Help bring God’s light into the darkest places for persecuted families in Syria.

IDOP 2019

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
News and Stories

Churches bring hope where there is no hope in Syria

In photo: Pastor Abdalla in a church service in Syria For so long, they’ve longed for an end to hostilities in their country. The war has been terrible. When a loved one left the house, you would never know if he would return. Shelling, bombs, gun shots, and...

Security in Sri Lanka tightened in response to new bomb threat

In photo: Aftermath of the 2019 Easter Bombing in Zion Church, Sri Lanka We continue to ask for prayers for Sri Lanka as there have been warnings of more possible attacks on Catholic churches between the 15th (yesterday) and the 25th of October. The security forces...

The Unbroken Faith of a Widow from India

In photo: Kirti* from India Kirti* is not even 5 feet tall, but a giant in God’s Kingdom. Whenever she sees me – a Caucasian – walk by, she can’t help but smile. As if it’s funny to her that someone can be that white. Open Doors partners have brought her to a secluded...

Open Doors prayer magazine | Oct-Dec 2019 issue
Hope4ME (Hope for the Middle East) is Open Doors’ global, seven-year campaign that mobilizes Christians to bring hope to the Middle East.

Because of the prayers and support of believers worldwide…

  • Over 1,000 houses in Iraq were restored and an average of 12,000 families in Syria were supported monthly with relief aid in 2018.
  • Sixteen (16) Centers of Hope in Syria have opened this year. These centers support believers to stay and serve their communities.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep hope alive in Syria and Iraq!

The Hope4ME campaign hasn’t ended yet.

Participate in the campaign today through prayer. In this prayer magazine, you can read about a Center of Hope in Aleppo, Syria and find prayer points on the Middle East.

Pray with us that the hope we have in Jesus Christ will be in the heart of the Church in the Middle East so that it will become a source of hope to communities, to countries, and to the whole region.

Let’s pray together!

– BJ (Manager, Open Doors Philippines)

Take Action


Lift up your persecuted family to God regularly. Remember them in your daily quiet times, family bondings, Bible study group, ministry gatherings, and church worship services.


Commit through God’s enabling to give monthly, quarterly, or yearly to the Persecuted Church. Your gift of whatever amount is of great value in empowering persecuted believers around the world.


Mobilize your local church for the Persecuted Church. Invite us to your church service, prayer gatherings, Bible study groups, missions month activities, school or any other church activity.

…I am still seeking my brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for their faith—not only because they need me, but because I need them. We are all part of the same fellowship of believers, which the Bible calls the Body of Christ. We need one another. We all have a calling to do God‘s work—together. – Brother Andrew