The situation of persecuted Christians is likely to worsen during the coronavirus epidemic. With your support and prayers, we continue to help our brothers and sisters in the field. If there is one thing that our persecuted brothers and sisters have taught us, it is this: “In times of difficulty or darkness, the light of God in us can often shine brighter.” This is why as a team we pray for you who support us and who are subject to social restrictions due to the coronavirus.

What about persecuted Christians?

During this epidemic period, their situation is likely to worsen. While we are still assessing the total impact, which will vary from country to country, we know that supply shortages and economic downturns will undoubtedly make life difficult for Christians in the most remote areas. Toughest in the world. In normal times, they are already confronted with the difficulties and dangers of militias, extremists or hostile governments. They are often considered second-class citizens, traitors or infidels.

Risk of discrimination

Experience shows us that they will have less or no right to defend themselves before the police or civil servants, that they will have less access to basic services such as medical supplies and that they will be more victims of discrimination when receiving emergency assistance or humanitarian services. We have already seen this during humanitarian disasters or displacement of populations. But no matter how difficult or complex this scenario is, thanks to your support, we continue to help our brothers and sisters in the field. We continue to provide Bibles, discipleship training, emergency relief, medical assistance, trauma care and more to Christians persecuted during the coronavirus pandemic. This is what we have been doing for 60 years and this is what we will continue to do, with the help of God.

Php 2000 could deliver urgent support to a believer isolated by persecution in Covid-19 lockdown.

Please give if you can, and together, let us rise above this crisis as one body and one church under Christ’s Lordship.