As India begins to ease restrictions on the world’s largest lockdown, millions of Christians remain side-lined as many local businesses and churches stay closed. Yet, the Indian church is rejoicing as more come to know Christ during the pandemic.


Open Doors local partner, Heena* says that Christians are continuing to struggle without stable income or fellowship with other believers. “People here do not even have money to buy food for their families. It’s really sad. It’s not just one story or four or five such stories, but the story of almost every family.”


Many people depend on small businesses or work as day laborers or small church services. All of them are affected and all of them don’t have food.”


Despite these hardships, God is using this pandemic to bring revival to His church in India. As Open Doors and local partners deliver emergency relief to the vulnerable and as churches broadcast their services online, the Indian church is seeing unprecedented growth.


“I believe the pandemic lockdown is being used by God to use His church in a new way,” one local pastor said.“I believe the church has been ushered into a new age of growth and engagement with each other and with the world around us. We are witnessing a huge turning after God.”


In this new season, please continue praying for the Indian church.



Praise God that even in hardship, He draws near and continues to transform hearts.

Pray for wisdom and perseverance for new believers as they navigate faith in isolation.

Pray for provision over Indian believers who struggle without food and essential items.


Please give if you can, and together, let us rise above this crisis as one body and one church under Christ’s Lordship.

Php 2000 could deliver urgent support to a believer isolated by persecution in Covid-19 lockdown.