In photo: Kabil * identity hidden. Kabil is a trainer in discipleship (called Talmatha) in North Africa . He is a man and MBB, BMB, believer from Muslim background, male. shadow, dark portrait.

How does a secret church grow? Kabil gives new Christians discipleship training and is seeing exciting growth in the church in North Africa.

Persecution is nothing new to Kabil*, a believer from a Muslim background in North Africa. When he came to faith, his family gave him a choice: “Do you choose us or Jesus?” 

When Kabil remembers this moment from about ten years ago, he says, “There is nothing that comes close to the life that the Lord Jesus gives me.” Even now, Kabil has no contact with his mother. Instead, he is obedient to the calling that the Lord God has given him: to teach believers so that they in turn train other Christians.

Discipleship training is an important ingredient in church growth: teaching new Christians what it means to follow the Lord Jesus, not only with words but also with deeds. 

Kabil explains: “I saw in our church that once people were baptized, they stopped attending church services. Other Christians were not strong in their faith. We wanted to help the church in North Africa. That’s why we decided to give discipleship training.  So that the church remains standing.”  

Kabil’s Mission

Kabil’s mission is to train as many Christians as possible – and they in turn train other Christians. Open Doors has been offering various forms of discipleship training since 2011. 

“I think half of all churches in North Africa use this training. All these churches have their own trainers. 

“Thousands of Christians have been encouraged by the training given. I have seen human lives completely changed. I have seen people participate who are now pastors. Shy, lonely people who were once abandoned really come into their own in a group. I teach people, but I also encourage my brothers and sisters to get started with the training.” 

How do you serve the church and society? 

The content of the course is in line with the wishes of the participants.

“We customize the training for each church. All training consists of three parts: basic principles of a disciple, how are you a disciple in the church and how do you serve the church and society.” 

Kabil emphasizes that without education the church would not last long. “We don’t want to make the same mistake as the early church did in this region. We were a stronghold of the gospel in the early centuries. But we have neglected our job of explaining the gospel and teaching Christians. As a result, Christianity disappeared in the 5th and  6th centuries.”

 “Persecution can’t kill the church; persecution is a blessing” 

In photo: Kabil * (trainer) and Daniel * (participant) identity hidden. in a setting of discipleship training or program.

Church is Growing

Christians in North Africa always face persecution. Nineteen church buildings have been closed in Algeria since 2018. 

Kabil sees and hears the impact of persecution, but believes that the church will continue to exist. “They can close our buildings, but the church will remain, because we are the church,” he says.

“The presence of opposition is not a punishment. Persecution is a blessing. The church is growing and thriving thanks to persecution. 

“I am happy that the church is growing and healthy. It would be very dangerous for the church to fall asleep. People come to faith in many countries in the region. I am very grateful to the Lord God for that. But I also realize that persecution can affect myself or my family.” 

*Name changed for security reasons

“It would be very dangerous for the church to fall asleep.” 

 Be a lifeline to isolated secret believers at risk in North Africa.


Every PHP 2,350 could provide digital training and discipleship for a young believer from a Muslim background.

Every  PHP 3,450 could provide relief aid to a family of persecuted believers impacted by the coronavirus lockdown.

 Every PHP 4,350 could mean 35 people are reached by the church through social media.



Thank the Lord God for Kabil and all other trainers.  

Pray for the participants. For isolated and lonely believers, such training is a great time to openly and together profess faith in the Lord Jesus. 

When you lose your job or your family kicks you out of the house because you have become a Christian, it is difficult not to become disheartened. Pray for brothers and sisters who feel alone.