As Christians in India face increasing persecution, Open Doors has been inviting supporters from around the world send them messages of encouragement, helping our brothers and sisters in India to feel less cut-off from their global Christian family, and to assure them that they are not alone or forgotten.

Hundreds of messages were sent by believers from different countries across the globe. These messages have been read out in persecution preparedness seminars to believers facing many challenges in their lives because of their faith. Many messages were also read to Christians who had recently undergone persecution.

This is how some of the believers have responded:

Kamal*, a 50-year-old believer (male): “I am so encouraged by your messages. Even though we do not know each other personally, we are all united in His name. I realise that you pray for me. Please continue praying for me. One of your letters helped me remember that God’s grace is sufficient for me and that I should always rejoice in Him. I am greatly encouraged by this message.”

Neeta*, a 30-year-old ministry worker (female): “Me and my family serve God in of the remote villages in South India. We as ministers are facing extreme pressure and opposition in the community. I am glad that during this time, Open Doors partners stand with Christians in India by praying for them and training them. Your words of encouragement have spiritually strengthened me. Especially thank you for reminding me of Psalm 31:4. I am comforted and reassured of God’s protection.”

Sajan*, a 42-year-old leader of a village church (male): “We have a small church and we face difficulties and challenges, especially when we share the gospel. I am so happy to receive your words of encouragement. Though we are such a small group, you remember us and encourage us through your prayers and words.”

Manan*, a 27-year-old ministry worker (male): “Recently, I and my church people were beaten up brutally by the Hindu extremists. I was helped by this organization after the incident. I also attended the persecution preparedness seminar and heard about all the encouragement messages. We thank God for your love and concern towards us.”

Arnav*, a 37-year-old evangelist (male): “I face many struggles in preaching. Sometimes I am discouraged. We thank God for your ministry which reaches us and encourages us. I am also touched by your messages of encouragement. In one of the letters I was reminded of Psalm 119:5. I really want my ways to be steadfast in obeying the decrees (of God).”

An Open Doors local partners says, “We are really thankful for all the love and concern that our brothers and sisters around the world have expressed towards the Christians in India. Through these messages and letters, people have been touched and encouraged. The situation in India is becoming more challenging than ever, but the work of God continues on, stronger than before. Please continue to pray for India.” 

*Names changed for security reasons

We have more to do

Christians around the world—in places like Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Syria and more—are desperate for help in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. We’re hoping to send 50,000 additional food kits to help thousands of Christians. Every PHP 2550 can provide a single aid kit—will you help?



-Continue to pray for persecuted believers to not give up on their faith as they face challenges of persecution and isolation on top of a global crisis caused by Covid-19.

-Pray for Christians all over the world, that they would not give up being an encouragement to our persecuted brothers and sisters through their prayers and support.