Photo:  The nationwide lockdown has left poor Christian families with no income, the families are placed in an increasingly vulnerable state and are subject to hunger, malnutrition, starvation, and exploitation, in addition to the pandemic.

Five months into the pandemic, Nepal is still struggling. As in many other countries, lockdowns mean people face a massive loss of income, and believers are denied food aid. Open Doors local partners David* and Heena* share how we can pray earnestly and intelligently for our church family in Nepal under lockdown.

  1. COVID figures are rising, but it’s the lockdown that has affected the already poor people.

PRAY: Heavenly Father, please be with all the believers who have lost their income in Nepal. We ask that You provide for their needs. We also pray against the rising number of COVID cases in this country – we pray Lord that you would slow down the rate of infection, and that you would not let the medical facilities in Nepal be overwhelmed.

  1. Nepali Christians are socially boycotted. They are ‘skipped over’ when the government distributes food aid.

PRAY: Lord we pray for all the Nepali believers who have been left out from receiving all sorts of aid because of their faith. We pray that You would provide for their needs and that You will use Your Church to be your hands and feet, that You would make a way for Your provision to reach our brothers and sisters in Nepal who are most in need.

  1. Real people in the margins are most affected

There is a disabled believer who cannot speak. He was earning by carrying burdens, like sacks of rice. It’s been a lot of months (of lockdown), so pay is really less. And he has very few savings. His family is dependent on him and they were really in need. So we provided them all the groceries and he was really happy. There were no words, but we could understand from his face how it was an answer to his prayers.”

PRAY: Father, we pray for each and every person suffering due to hunger because of this pandemic – especially those people who haven’t received any help yet. We pray Lord that you would strengthen their faith, and that You would fill them Lord as they wait and trust in You. We ask for Your provision for them Lord, and we thank you Lord for your continued provision.

Thank you for the families that you’ve allowed our partners to reach with groceries. Thank You that through these small provisions they are reminded of Your goodness and grace in Jesus.        

Photo:  OD Partners Reach Poor Christian Families Affected by Covid-19 Lockdown

4.) Aside from being denied aid in the midst of the pandemic, Nepali believers are still being persecuted in different ways.

People who pray for the sick are arrested. Believers are locked down with their persecutors: Because of quarantine, the believers’ sufferings come more now from their homes. Churches are prevented from being built: Recently we had an incident where church construction was taking place, and it was uprooted completely. 

PRAY: Lord we lift to You your children who are being persecuted in unseen ways in Nepal during this pandemic. We ask for your comfort, mercy, protection, and peace to be upon them. May Your Word be their strength and shield and may you soften the hearts of their persecutors.

5.) Despite all the suffering, God is still working in the Nepali church!

Praise God through your support, Open Doors partners have reached thousands of individuals. Until now we have reached over 900 families with relief work and we are still doing it.

PRAY: Father we praise You because you are Jehovah Jireh, our Great Provider. We thank You that we belong to one Body of Christ. Lord we pray that Your Name will continue to be glorified as your Church becomes present for one another, bearing one another’s burdens. We entrust our church family in Nepal unto You, in Jesus’ Name.

*Names changed for security reasons.