Photo from Miss Universe 2021, Ms Myanmar. Used only for as representative photo. Credits to: GMA News TV, Philippines

Since the military coup in Myanmar on February 1, believers have intensified their prayers and drawn immense strength from the Bible.  Shwe Shwe* is a Christian worker in Myanmar working with children and youths. She shares her struggle in ministering in this situation.

It was on February 1, 2021, that the military started the coup trying to practice dictatorship. Now, it has been almost three months that we are being treated like children. They will just address any laws they like, accuse the person and put them in jail. We have no right to speak and seek justice.

As a Christian worker in Myanmar, I tried not to show my true emotion to our friends and family as people are seeing us as their spiritual leaders. It was a very difficult moment to be a Christian and Christian leader as well in this kind of situation.

The dictatorship has been very cruel to our young and innocent people in the country. I was requested to conduct training with young people and children even in the mid of the country’s crisis. Money transfer is stopped. We looked for a way and conducted the training.

‘At this moment, I can’t continue sharing with the younger generation to love our neighbors, amidst all the killings and abuse.

How can we love the people like them?

I feel guilty…I was so confused…I prayed to God asking if I am doing the right thing at this moment. God answered my prayer in our family devotion. I praise God that God cares for me and the people of Myanmar.

Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near”

This bible verse confirms that what I have been doing with the people is right in the eyes of God. This is the time when the people of Myanmar need true hope and peace. I should not stop sharing the gospel with the people. By God’s grace , guidance and protection, the youth’s training could be completed.

God is in control of every situation

Youths are sharing that they can understand the situation of our country as Christian. They get an affirmation that God is in control of every situation. They came to also realize through the training that the real enemy is Satan, not police nor military coup. I thank God for His goodness and guidance. The situation is hopeless, but the greatest thing is we still have is the opportunity to come closer to God and seek Him for the salvation of the lost souls, for peace in the country and hope for the people.

Last but not the least, above all, I thank God for providing me so that I can provide for my family during the COVID pandemic and present country crisis as all my family members lost their job.

As you continue to pray for Myanmar, you may like to use the daily prayer points below to guide you.

7 Days of Prayer for Myanmar:

Day 1 – The Government

Burmese continue to protest and resist the military. There are explosions in many parts of the country, number of internally displaced citizens increased.

Elder Aung* shares his insight of the military coup: “For 70 years our country Myanmar was under Military dictatorship, there was no government of the people because the military dictatorship has been taking control of the country. The Military thinks they are essential for the country and they think government of the people is not necessary. That is the reason why they took over the elected government by the people of Myanmar.”

Pray for a good government for the country Myanmar.

Day 2 – The Church and Tribal believers

Churches are still closed in many places because of security concerns. Pray for believers that God may touch their hearts and being comfort to them. Pray that the church of Myanmar be strengthened so that they can continue to pray for the country and share the love of Jesus. 

In April, the people volunteers who take up arms killed military soldiers. The volunteers belong to tribal Christians, there is a possibility that the military will suspect all tribal Christians to be their enemy, thus making life even more difficult. Please pray that these events will not lead to more persecution in the future for tribal Christians.

Day 3 – Pastors and Christian workers

The military continues to crack down and arrests leaders of religious organizations that have shown oppositions against the coup. Pray for the security of some Christian leaders who are hiding. Pray for wisdom for pastors and spiritual refreshing so that they can feed the spiritual hunger of the believers.

Day 4 – Families 

Please pray for strength for fathers as they struggle to provide for their families. Pray for God’s grace and providence upon them. Pray for strength for mothers as they care for their families. Please pray for comfort and healing for families who are grieving the demise of their loved ones.

Day 5 – Youth and children

Pray for the children’s emotional security and physical needs as well. The number of refugees and homeless are increasing in the country, they have nowhere to go. Among the refugees and displaced, lots of them are children. Children are now full of fear when they see police or uniform. Pray that God will protect the lives of the children, their innocence and their future. Pray for healing from trauma.

Day 6 – The economy 

In general, since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, many people lost their jobs. Due to the Military coup, many people lost their jobs. The cost of goods, prices of food and essential commodities are increasing while the income is decreasing. Many IDPs are also facing financial problems. People those who have money in their bank accounts, cannot withdraw them.

Day 7 – Covid-19

According to Mizzima Myanmar News, there are 142,954 cases of COVID-19 recorded as of May 10, 2021. Tests are conducted and shows a slow increase infection.

Please pray that the infection will be contained, the infection to be healed. Since many doctors and health care workers joined the civil disobedience movement, there is a possible shortage in human resources to take care of patients.

Pray that the infection will not spread. If the next wave of COVID 19 spreads, the people of Myanmar will be at high risk especially the internally displaced persons (IDPs) living near one another in camps.

OD Footprint

Photo: Children take part in an activity of drawing their team logo during children’s camp.

Praise the Lord for the children’s camp. The children showed desire to listen to stories from the bible, sing praise and dance during the worship. The children camp was conducted in a remote place, where the parents, church and community provide protection and cooperation. Through the camp the children draw close to the Lord. 

*Name changed for security reasons

Photo credits: GMA News TV, Philippines, https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/lifestyle/content/787452/miss-universe-hopeful-asks-world-to-pray-for-myanmar-as-national-costume-gets-lost-in-the-mail/story/

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