Recently, we have invited you to join us in praying for a week for Myanmar. Thank you for joining us – the situation is still tense in many parts of the country and the uncertainty of the times still remain, but your prayers have been a source of strength and joy for your Burmese Christian family!

Below, three believers you have prayed for during the month of May share how they have felt your prayers – and how they have felt God’s embrace – in the past weeks:

Ko Tun Tun* 

“The Military Coup makes me feel bad. It creates anxiety, fear, stress, hopelessness. I could not sleep for a few days since the coup. However, God answered your prayers and intercessions for me! Here are four ways God answered your prayers for me:

  1. Now, I can sleep well at night without fear.
  2. I lost my concentration for a month due to the military coup and the ongoing political unrest. Now, I can pray wholeheartedly and concentrate on the Word of God like I used to before the coup.
  3. By the Grace of God, now, I can manage my anxiety, fear, stress, hopelessness.
  4. I praise God for his protection and provision of our family in the pandemic and the political unrest.    

God heard your prayers for us and answered them. Thank you so much for putting yourselves in our situation, and for your prayers.”

Bother Hermon*

Our life has been full of fear, anxiety and distress since the military coup. Amid the terrorizing coup, we experienced God’s presence in our personal lives. Me and my family would like to say ‘thank you’ for your prayer support. Now we can see His tender care and mercy.

I would like to share how God has protected us from harm. On April 4, our family went to Myanmar Plaza to window shop and to use the kids’ playground. The following day, April 5, we heard that one explosion happened at the 2nd floor.

On May 19, my wife and I went to a shopping mall where they accept credit card for the payment, so that we can distribute practical help like grocery and foods to believers who are internally displaced. We heard that an explosion occurred at the parking area on the following day!

On  May 22, our family visited our relatives in another township in Yangon, which is nearby a high school that is occupied by the armed forces. Two days right after our visit, there were gunshots and people died.

No doubt that these events are the obvious reminders of God’s love and protection for our life. From time to time, we are reminded that God is truly in control of our life!”

Min Naing *

When the country is not at peace, I feel very weak. I am glad to know that there are people around the world praying for me. Praying like this helps me to get better and feeling strengthened also. To this day, I am safe amid gunfire and bomb blasts. I felt like God was protecting me. I also feel that God allows me to pass through checkpoints without being checked and questioned. Such evidence gave me the trust and conviction that God would continue to protect me in the days to come. I feel that God gives me strength in the face of such adversity.

*Name changed for security reasons

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