Myanmar’s army has targeted a church, killing four people. It is one of several attacks since the coup started in February.

Around 300 people were sheltering in a church in Kayan Thar Yar village when the army attacked. They began firing at 1am, collapsing the roof, killing four and injuring several others. This is just one of several attacks as conflict between the military and the People’s Defence Force continues.

A Baptist church in Yangon was another recent target. The military destroyed the building and allegedly beat three men, including the pastor.

A local partner told Open Doors, “The pastor’s son was allegedly accused of stealing a gun from the military. This angered the soldiers and they chased after him, arrested him and then destroyed the church property.”

Over 50,000 people have fled their homes since the coup in early February. Churches are often used as places of safety and refuge.

As targeted attacks on churches continue, please join our community in prayer.

Pray For Myanmar

  • Pray for the safety of those fleeing violence in Myanmar.
  • Pray the attacks will not discourage people from seeking shelter and hope in the church.
  • Pray for comfort and healing over those affected by the attacks.


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