A Woman’s Forum

As the finale for the ‘Restoring Integrity Series’ ( of A Woman’s Forum International), as an access to Transformation, we conclude where we began.

If you subscribe to the idea that we are all created beings, then we are all subject to the ‘Law of Becoming’. Yet, can human beings, by its very nature, change? Is this really possible? And through what standard? Is transformation just a trend, or truth?

From examining our deepest thoughts, feelings, and longings, as we begin to look at the core of our existence, it is time to look outside of ourselves to see in its totality how transformation impacts our relationship to the world and one another, inside our becoming.

Ultimately, we need to seek the solution to the discord we experience in our relationships, the world, and most importantly, God.

Join us as we think things through on the subject of transformation and restoration, and learn from Open Doors’ work in 50 countries the key identity restorations for Christian men and women as they live and work together, on November 13, 2021 7:30pm PH time.  

To get the full context and desired goal objective of these series, we urge you preview the previous recording of Restoring Integrity:

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