World Watch List:05
Leader:Arif Alvi President
Population:200.8 million
Christian:3.9 million
Main Religion:Islam
Government:Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Source of Persecution:Islamic Oppression


Full points for violence
Pakistan is one of the two countries on the World Watch List that has scored full points for violence. There are 65 Islamist groups active in the country of varying power, size, and influence, many of which are used by the army and political groups to advance their agenda. Apart from the deadly attack on a church in December 2017, there have also been many attacks on Christians, including abduction of women, forced marriages, fires and sabotage to church property. Even with security guards and built like fortresses, churches are still attacked.

Discriminated in every way
In every aspect of life, Pakistani Christians face discrimination. Thousands of them are bonded laborers who have no way of getting out of their bond, and continue to be exploited for generations. Some believers wearing a cross were spat at, and targeted aggressively in the streets, in traffic, or at the work-place. At school, Christian children are often not allowed to drink from the same water fountain as their classmates as they are “unclean”; even schoolbooks teach hatred towards Christians. Hospitals, pharmacies and other facilities often deny Christians access to welfare schemes. In hospitals, Christians are made to wait in hallways and corridors as people do not want to share a ward with Christians.

Beaten and cursed
Believers from a Muslim background could face being physically attacked and discriminated against by the Islamic community and their own family, or they may be placed under a curse through black magic, and other occult practices.


Please pray:
• For the new Pakistani government to pass laws that will protect the Christians in the country.
• For Muslim background believers who face attacks from both radical Islamists and their own family and friends.
• For protection over Christian women and girls in Pakistan.