International Day of Prayer

"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24

IDOP 2017

17-10-02 ImageText SSTS
For many years, Open Doors has been holding a persecution-preparedness program called Standing Strong Through The Storm (SSTS) in several parts of the world. The objective of SSTS is to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ as it faces persecution by changing their perspective of suffering using the Bible and church history, making them realize that the church can survive and even flourish in the midst of persecution, offering practical steps Christians may take in crisis situations and encouraging them to endure by describing how other believers lived victoriously despite suffering and persecution.

November 5 is the International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church. But instead of praying for them on one specific day, we will have the whole month of November for prayer and every Sunday will be an IDOP Sunday.

For IDOP 2017, we invite you to go through SSTS just like persecuted believers worldwide. We compiled different resources for you to use:

-IDOP Sunday Guide (p.3)

-Mini SSTS Devotional (p.4-12)

The Church in Operation
Excerpt from the SSTS manual, which was compiled by Paul Estabrooks and Jim Cunningham

The Body of Jesus
For the Benefit of the Body
The Body of Christ at Work
Stand Firm and Stand Together
4 devotionals from Daily Inspiration from the Lion's Den, a book written by Paul Estabrooks and based on Scripture and SSTS

-November Prayer Calendar (p.13-14)

We hope that each page will not only guide you as you pray and intercede for the Persecuted Church, but also encourage you to stand strong in the faith alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Join us as we pray for the Persecuted Church on November!

Click here to download free IDOP 2017 Resources.

IDOP 2016

IDOP 2016
Last November, we invited your family to take part in IDOP 2016: Bringing You Closer to Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Continue to pray for the Persecuted Church in Bhutan and Sri Lanka by having a:

1. Open in prayer.
2. Praise the Lord through songs.
3. Read Psalm 31.
4. Ponder on God's word together:

- Picture it. Visualize the scene in your mind.
- Pronounce it. Say it aloud-each time emphasizing a different word.
- Paraphrase it. Rewrite the verse in your own words.
- Personalize it. Replace the pronouns or people with your own name.
- Pray it. Turn the verse into a prayer and say it back to God.
- Probe it. Ask questions.
("Six specific ways to meditate on a verse or passage" from SSTS manual)
5. Read stories of persecuted Christians.
- Sonam's* story (page 10 of Frontline Faith Oct.-Dec. 2016 magazine issue)
- Pastor Dayaratne's story (pages 11-13 of Frontline Faith Oct.-Dec. 2016 magazine issue)
6. Pray for the Persecuted Church in Bhutan and Sri Lanka.
Use the November prayer calendar
7. Close in prayer.


IDOP 2015

16-02-03 ImageText IDOP
Helen Berhane, a believer from Eritrea who was once imprisoned for her faith, said: "Remember that the walls of Jericho came down because of praises. If we keep complaining, we cannot win. Instead we must continue to pray, praise and sing."

In November 2015, many believers took part in the International Day of Prayer - the global initiative of simultaneous prayer meetings and intercession for the Persecuted Church - and gave thanks to God for how He is building His church for His glory.

To get a copy of the resources used last year, contact us.