News Indonesia | 19 April 2022


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On Palm Sunday, 2021, two suicide bombers attacked worshippers leaving a church service, injuring 20 people.

21-year-old Valeria was one of the survivors. The blast left her with severe injuries all over her body.

“When I was checked into the hospital, it turned out there was something stuck in my chest,” she said. “So, the doctor said that he had to do the operation immediately. The operation went on for six hours.

“I still have to go through procedures on my facial area to this day.

“Our hope is that this kind of incident that we have experienced will not happen ever again in the future because it is very traumatic.

“Your support has strengthened persecuted believers all over the world. I would like to say thank you so much for helping us. May God bless all your activities and plans in the future.

“May you, through Open Doors, continue to serve many people.”

The threat of persecution is heightened at Easter time for Christians all over the world. Please pray for those putting their safety at risk this week as they gather together to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection.

  • Pray over those still recovering from last year’s attack. Pray for physical and emotional healing.
  • Pray that persecuted Christians won’t be discouraged by the threat of persecution but emboldened to follow Jesus, no matter the cost.
  • Pray for safety and protection for Christians around the world as they celebrate Easter.

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