News India | 14 June 2022

India: 5,000 Hindu extremists rally to cast out country’s tribal Christians


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Recently on May 5, 5,000 protesters gathered in Kondagoan, Chattisgargh State in northern India to protest the inclusion of non-Hindu people in India’s Constitution’s provisions for tribal communities. The rally was organized by Jan Jati Suraksha Manch of the Tribal Protection Committee, a Hindu right-wing entity that alleges Christianity poses a dangerous threat to tribal traditions in India.

Already disadvantaged by their history as “untouchables” in the Indian caste system, the Hindu nationalists’ agenda would deny non-Hindu tribal citizens “Scheduled Tribes” status—stripping thousands of poor and/or illiterate Christians of their constitutional protections and aid. Taking away their status would leave them even more susceptible to the anti-Christian violence around them. 

These anti-Christian rallies are spreading throughout India with Tribal Protection Committee organizers planning more in four more states. But the agenda remains the same: “The tribal people of the village who believe in Jesus Christ, their names will be de-listed from the tribal list, depriving them of all government facilities and socially boycotting the Christians from the community.” 

Join us in prayer

Let’s pray for our Christian family in central India. Pray against this agenda by extremists that threatens the very livelihood and lives of believers in the region. Pray for believers who remain in remote villages to remain strong in their faith. And finally, let’s pray for peace throughout the country as persecution against anyone who walks with Jesus continues to intensify.  

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