Impact Vietnam | 11 July 2022
A Vietnamese literacy class is bringing students to Christ


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In Vietnam, literacy classes are being used for the gospel. 

Open Doors partners in Vietnam have developed a literacy program to help tribal people read and write. Nearly 1,900 participants have been trained during 2022, and 3,000 more from nine different tribal communities will hopefully join by the end of the year. 

Unlike most literacy programs, Open Doors’ uses the Bible to teach students. In the Basic level, students read words and passages in the Bible to learn Kinh, Vietnam’s official language. These lessons then form the foundation for the Advanced level, where students are trained to teach others in native tribes. 

In addition to literacy, the program is also a key tool for evangelism and discipleship for believers.  Reading and writing are skills that all people are happy to learn. By offering these lessons, Open Doors and our partners are able to form invaluable relationships with non-Christians, paving the way for important conversations about the gospel. 

Literacy is also a doorway to mainstream society. Program attendees are eventually able to confidently use government forms, read books and conduct otherwise-impossible business. They are also able to avoid the social scrutiny and stigma that come with being part of an indigenous tribal group.

Join us in praising God for the work He is doing through this Vietnam literacy program. Praise Him for the tools He has given these students and the gospel-centered conversations they have initiated. 

We also ask that you pray for the participants, that they will continue to grow in their faith. Pray for the teachers, that they will be wise and discerning in their teaching. 

Pray that the target participants will be reached so that they can hear the good news of the gospel! 

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