Story Advocacy | 24 July 2022


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Last year we told story of Preetha* and Vinita* from India – they paid the price to follow Jesus and experienced support and comfort because of you. They are telling how they are moving on with their faith and how you can pray for them.


How are you moving on in faith? I am strong in my faith; I begin my day at 5 o’clock with a one-hour prayer-time and then spend a lot of time throughout the day praying also.

Even though I am illiterate and cannot read the Word I listen to it. I sit down with my husband every day and he explains it and teaches me.

Today I received God’s word from Hebrews 12:7 - ‘It is for discipline you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline.’

What is the situation of their persecution?
After the incident, we had to relocate twice, as whenever people got to know about our faith, they alerted the Hindu extremists, who came to my house and created commotion.

We are currently living in my third rental house and are maintaining a low profile. We have quiet fellowships and small gatherings as we know that the moment any extremist group comes to know about us, they will come and accuse us of converting people to Christianity using money and they will force us to leave the locality.

How can we pray for you?
After the incident I had a broken arm. My arm had been fractured in many places and my nerves and tissues were also torn. Despite the treatment it still does not function properly, and I still have pain. The doctors have suggested surgery, but my family does not have the financial ability to bear it.

My husband also had a heart attack a few months ago but he is not able to get proper treatment as it is very expensive.

Please pray for our health.


How are you moving on with your faith?

My faith emerged stronger after the incident. I wake up very early in the morning and spend time reading the Bible as well as praying. I take time to meditate on the Word. My relationship with the Lord is now even stronger and somehow, I am finding courage to stay in the same locality; I could not move house because the house belongs to me (I had bought it with great difficulty), and it is not rented.

What is the situation of their persecution?
I still must face mental abuse, taunts, and sarcastic comments from my neighbors every single day. The people who attacked me that day live nearby and often I see them pointing towards my family, scorning, and commenting about us. They also try to pick fights with us over very trivial issues.

I do not openly share about Jesus with anyone now, as my family is constantly under strict surveillance.

How can we pray for you?
I thank God that even though I had a severe head injury because of the incident, God healed me without major treatment because of everyone’s prayers.

Please pray for me as I wish to grow more in my spiritual life. Pray for my sister who had been a major victim in the incident. She is also a lone believer in her husband’s house and cannot practice her Christian faith openly.

Pray for my shop as I wish to bring it to a more prime location where I can get more customers; presently it is near my house and it is under the constant observation of my anti-Christian neighbors.

*Name changed for security reasons
please pray

Please continue to pray for Christians in India, especially for vulnerable women like them.



Will you help India’s Christians remain unshaken in faith by praying and, if you are able, by giving today? 

Every PHP 4,500 gives a persecuted Christian a loan and training, so they can open a small business and support their family.

Every PHP 5,250 provides emergency food, medicine and shelter to four believers in India affected by persecution.

Every PHP 6,500 trains 20 believers, equipping them with a biblical response to persecution.