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We met with Ram* in a calm and peaceful village in India, in a house painted blue. We were welcomed with some natural coconut water from a tree.

No turning back

Ram found Christ when he fell sick and was on his death bed. The doctors had lost all hopes of his survival. Though he visited every temple, doctors, self- proclaimed godmen, and took every kind of treatment, his health only deteriorated. At his weakest point, he met a pastor in the hospital. This pastor told Ram about Christ and prayed for him. Ram kept in constant contact with the pastor, attended the church, read from the Bible, and finally accepted Christ.

Gradually Ram saw his health being restored and he was certain that it was Christ’s doing. It was no turning back for Ram – he continued to grow in Christ and he gave his life to serve God.

Ram’s parents were not happy with Ram as he had abandoned their ancestral religion to follow a foreign God. Ram shared, “I found my strength as Paul says, ‘in my weakness I delight in Christ.’ Though we lived in the same house, we lived separate lives and our communication was limited.”

I found my strength as Paul says, ‘in my weakness I delight in Christ.’ -RAM

Ram testified, “My prayer was that my family would come to know God. When my mother faced a kidney issue, I prayed beside her bed each night assuming nobody was aware of it. However, to my surprise all the members of the family knew that I was praying secretly. Miraculously, my mother was healed and this was a turning point for my family. Everyone accepted Christ.”

Spiritual pleasure in horrific moments

Ram started a church in a nearby village. Many were blessed and accepted Christ, but the locals grew furious and started to harass Ram and the church believers whenever they gathered for prayer.

One day, the local villagers along with the help of religious extremists, raised a false alarm to Ram saying the church was being attacked. Arriving at the spot, the extremists and villagers began to assault Ram and beat him mercilessly. The attackers simultaneously vandalized the church. When Ram’s parents arrived, they saw Ram covered in blood and bruises all over his body. He was rushed to hospital. A complaint was made against the attackers, but no action was taken and instead the church was closed down.

Frowning, Ram shares, “My family were terrified. Sensing their fear, I assured them that my faith in God is unfathomable and unshaken.”

“I was reminded of Paul’s words and felt better. I even found a spiritual pleasure in the horrible things that happened to me because I felt that when I was being beaten, I could feel the power of God in me the most. The church being closed down is like a thorn in my flesh reminding me to be dependent on God. In weakness, His strength was made perfect,” declares Ram.

Christ’s power made perfect

All their savings were spent on Ram’s treatment but finding a job during the pandemic was impossible. Ram tried selling coconuts, but the earnings were barely enough to feed the family.

Later, Open Doors partners met Ram and provided the required support to set up a provision store in his house. They also strengthened and encouraged Ram and his family through prayers and seminars.

Ram and his mother run a provision store from their house. Ram shares his testimony with the locals who gather at the store. 

Ram says, “I was overwhelmed when I had received your support. Having no income or job was my lowest point. I was unable to see a way out. I was devastated and broken. I assumed that I had failed Christ and He had turned His face from me. Breaking all my misconceptions, God proved His sovereignty by your help and encouragement. Surely, I can boldly profess that when I am weak, then I am strong. Christ’s power was made perfect in my life.”

I can boldly profess that when I am weak, then I am strong. Christ’s power was made perfect in my life. -RAM

Ram is earning a living for his family through the shop and shares his testimony when locals gather in front of the shop or come to buy items. Ram remains in constant touch with his church believers so that they do not slide away from their faith and is preparing to restore and restart the church.

*Name changed for security reasons
please pray
  • Pray for Ram and his family. They are zealous and eager to start the church and continue ministering among the unreached.
  • Many churches have been closed down. Christian leaders and pastors are disheartened and left with limited resources for existence.
  • Please pray for such Christians who are discouraged and demoralized, pray that as Ram found his strength in weakness, many could also testify in weakness we are strong.
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