Story Philippines | 13 September 2022
798 kids hear about God’s love at VBS!


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Summer is Vacation Bible School (VBS) season all around the world! In the Philippines, Open Doors partners put on weeks of VBS for hundreds of children. Seven hundred and ninety-eight kids from 11 different communities gathered for two days of VBS. 

Sandy, one of the VBS teachers, remembers when she was a child hearing about God. She shared: “I can’t imagine that I am the now the one teaching or telling Bible stories to the children.”  During the sessions, she couldn’t help but feel happy for the children—some are hearing the story of God’s creation for the first time. 

The kids learned a lot during their two days. Even though it was a short VBS, kids walked away equipped with knowledge about their identity in Christ. “I am grateful that I was created in God’s image,” one of the children, Carmela, said. “I used to believe that man created humans, but I was proven wrong when I learned from the story and the Bible that God created everything, including us.” 

“Thank God, despite the pandemic, we still had our VBS here in our community,” Estron, another student, shared. “I am grateful for the lesson I learned. I discovered that I am special in the eyes of God, and that God created me in a unique way.” 

Norsida is another student who attended VBS. Learning about God as Creator helped her understand God’s love for her.  “I discovered why I should love the Lord because He loves me first,” she said. “I used to believe that God did not create animals, trees, water or planets, but after hearing a VBS story from my teachers, I realized that God did. That is why I am grateful to God for allowing me to attend VBS this year and understand that God is my creator.” 

These are just a few lessons that these children learned. Like Carmela, Estron and Norsida, we can always be learning how to keep following Christ. Let’s thank God for the work he’s doing in the Philippines and pray for these children.