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Child victim from Syrian War looks forward to Christmas


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Apo is a young pre-teener from Aleppo. He lost his father nine years ago when he was only a one year old. His dad was kidnapped by extremists because he was a Christian when he was on a work trip in Syria. He never returned. His body was never found but officially Jina, Apo’s mother, is now considered a widow in Syrian law.

Before we went with Apo and his mother to the Center of Hope, Apo tried to stay seated on the couch as we wanted to ask him some questions about Christmas. In his brown woolen sweater with an artificial fur collar he wasn’t very talkative. Obviously he isn’t a boy that loves sitting on a chair or couch, he doesn’t like to sit still. He isn’t the boy who loves to keep his chair warm in the classroom of the Al Hayat school in Aleppo, where he is doing well. “What I like most at school is the sports class.” He says it with a smile while his deep brown eyes shine. But let’s talk Christmas. Of course he knows what Christmas it is about.

“The day that Jesus was born, Virgin Mary gave birth to him.” He recalls what he did last Christmas.

What do other children around the world remember the best, what the pastor said on Christmas day or the present they got? Like for the other children around the world, Apo remembers his present . “I got a mountain car toy that climbs walls with a remote control, and an airplane.”

One day he might see that the present God gave by sending his Son to earth because He so loved us is the biggest present he can ever get.

“We went to the home of my grandfather and grandmother then we went together with my mother to church.” They went to one of the protestant churches, the church led by pastor Abdalla. He stops a moment. “I am longing for Christmas to come.”

When Christmas approaches, they decorate the house. “At home my mom and I put a nativity scene and a Christmas tree with lights and stars and bells on it.”

The children in the Centre of Hope like Apo, grew up during war and don’t know the Syria from before that terrible crisis. They’ve seen terrible things happen around them or even to their own families.


"Lord God thank you that You sent your Son to an earth like this. Thank you, that You are there also for all these children."


Today, if you are able, will you give hope to persecuted children this Christmas?

Every PHP 2,950 provides a month’s education to two children impacted by persecution.

Every PHP 3,950 supports a child at the Colombia Children’s Centre, giving safety, education and a future.

 Every PHP 5,370 gives Bibles to ten children, so they can know Jesus through Scripture.


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