Persecution Philippines | 08 November 2022

PHILIPPINES: Former Muslim and her family, forced to leave their home because of her new-found faith in Jesus


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Aida*, an MBB, comes from a devout Muslim family. She is a wife and mother to three kids. She is renting a home along with her family, her mother, and some of her siblings. All in all, there are 8 of them inside the house. Precious* who is also an MBB, received Christ by attending fellowships too, and in turn, Precious has mentored Aida in her spiritual life and even assisted her with her studies.

However, while Aida was ministering to a group of ten young people in her home, one of them immediately assumed Aida was converting them to Christianity, and he spread the word in their community that Aida had already converted. Aida's house is owned by one of the community's religious leaders. When he found out, he ordered Aida and her family to leave the house right away all because of her faith.

If Aida and her family do not leave, the owner threatened to throw all their belongings outside. “At that moment, I prayed to God for a miracle,” Aida said. Aida also called her mentor, Precious, and Precious told her not to worry because Jesus would help her. Aida surrendered all her problems to God, and they prayed together.

Finally, the owner issued a three-month agreement stating that if they did not buy the house, Aida and her family would be evicted. Regardless, Aida believes that the more her faith is tested, the stronger it becomes. And the more challenges she faces, the more blessings she receives. Aida also believes that it is better for her to die with faith than in disbelief, as long as she is in the truth and speaks the truth.

Thank God the religious leader didn’t chase them out immediately, instead, he has issued an agreement to sell the house to Aida within the next three months, if they do not buy the house, they will be evicted. The situation is messy and unpredictable, but Aida is still full of faith, “I’m assured by my belief and faith in the Lord that he will help me.”

The neighborhood Aida lives in doesn’t make it easy for Aida either. She has heard some people say “Why not just kill her. She’s a convert – haram!”

As frightening as it is to hear that from your neighbors, Aida chooses to believe that is better to die with faith than die in disbelief. She also believes that the more her faith is tested, the stronger it becomes.

Aida continues to participate in leadership trainings and monthly discipleship programs hosted by Open Doors local partners. Let us continue to support her spiritual growth and the believers in the community.

*Names changed for security reasons.


please pray
  •  Aida and her family are still living in that house. They currently have only one month to pay for the house. Let us pray that God will give Aida and her husband wisdom as they discern what to do. Pray for a place to live as well.
  • Thank God for Aida's unwavering faith in the face of persecution. Let us keep her in our prayers for protection and that God will keep them safe, along with other believers in the community.
  • Pray for God's ministry in their community as well. Aida and Precious are two ladies who are willing to give their lives for God's work. Pray for the continuation of God's ministry in their area, as well as for many people to come to testify to God's power
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