Impact Afghanistan | 18 December 2022
This is how your prayers and support reached Afghanistan refugees in Central Asia


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One of Open Doors' vision is to ensure that the church is equipped and supported as they reach out with God’s love and care for persecuted believers such as these refugees.

Open Doors helps the persecuted church by providing basic needs such as food, blankets, antiseptics, medicines, winter coats, shoes, socks, diapers, and other essential items as they reach out to around 7000 Afghan refugees every week. Projects that aim to provide clean water to the refugees and locals in the surrounding area by supporting the construction of 3 freshwater wells are also taking place.

History of hopelessness

We visited the family of Fatima (not her real name) handing out food packages.  Her life story begins with murder, flight, challenges, and later the loss of a child during COVID.  

When we sat down to talk to her, when she came running, she had five children, the last daughter she is disabled, one of her children, she literally buried the other day.  She fled Afghanistan because she was threatened, there was a huge risk of her children dying.  Her husband was killed, she said.  She had no choice but to grab the children and run to a safer place.  And when we went to her, she rented an apartment with the last money she had left.  

When  asked, what she currently have for food;  she simply replied that all she had left was the water that came from the faucet.  She lowered her head in despair.  She could not work because her disabled child required a lot of attention.  All older children have not yet reached adolescence.

But now she is regularly visited by her brothers and sisters in church, serving her, praying for her and her children, preaching to her and her family. And this brings her great encouragement.

Teen stories

Many refugee families have many children.  It is however extra difficult for those at their early teens. Passing in a foreign country, wondering if they are safe, thinking whether there is still a meaning or purpose in life.  

Sadly, many of these refugee children have suicidal thoughts because they see no point in living.  

Through your support, Open Doors partners were able to visit all these refugee families. 

Sports clinics such as  football and volleyball clubs were organized specifically for these children with the aim of sharing to them the good news of Jesus Christ.  

Many refugee children found the strength to live on. Through these sports clinics, we were able to reach not only these children, but also their parents. The fields which once held only sports clinics, has now become a huge field for reaching people who have never heard the Gospel. Praise the Lord!

House church for children

One of our local partners among the Afghan refugees coaches teenagers in football has started home meetings or more commonly known as a  "house church". He receives these young children and teenagers at home and carefully and patiently disiciples them; sharing to them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Because of this,  he was able to start a small house church and now has 15 - 20 people regularly attending it. Thank You Lord!


  • For reaching all Afghan refugees with the Gospel
  • For the spiritual growth of all who believe, for their influence among their people
  • For a strong and deep faith for the Afghan believers
  • Pray for multiplication and maturity for the Afghan Church

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