Story Arabian Peninsula | 26 March 2023



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Nadia* (not her real name) is a Christian living in the Arabian Peninsula—the region that includes countries like Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and others. She's been through trials but knows what she believes and how to talk about it. It’s a knowledge that came from a lifetime of asking questions people weren’t interested in answering.

“Since I was very young, from the moment I conceptualized the idea of God, I've been seeking ever since,” she says. “God, and the search for truth was one of the main parts of my life.” So, she began to search. Nadia’s search led her away from Islam. And yet, as she sought, her personal life was falling apart. She’d become estranged from her family, and they emotionally abused her and cut her off. She went months without talking to either of her parents. She found herself at her lowest point, wondering why her new beliefs hadn’t given her meaning.

That’s when she found Jesus. But in the Arabian Peninsula, finding Jesus isn't always easy—or safe.

Watch her story, and please pray with her!