Interview Africa | 29 March 2023



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Sub-Saharan Africa is the most violent place in the world for Christians. In fact, according to 2023 World Watch List data, Nigeria alone is home to almost 80% of the Christians killed for their faith last year—at least 4,650 believers died for their faith in Nigeria.

Across the continent, from Burkina Faso to Somalia, some Christians live in places where they could face death simply because they follow Jesus.

Conditions across Sub-Saharan Africa, including economic and political stability, continue to breed insecurity and violence, making the region fertile ground for the ongoing expansion of Islamic extremists. Groups like Boko Haram, Fulani militants, the ADF, al-Shabab and the Islamic State group all target Christians in their attempts to live out their violent aims.

We know the actual number of martyrs is probably much higher. It’s extremely difficult to estimate the numbers of Christians killed for their faith. Data remains hard to come by despite Open Doors’ extensive on-the-ground networks.

But it would be a mistake to think this is all that’s happening to the church in sub-Saharan Africa.

God is on the move there, raising up a resilient church of faith Christians who are standing for him, no matter the cost.

And this Easter, Christians across sub-Saharan Africa have a message for you. Watch the video to rejoice with them in the power of the resurrection!

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