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At least 32 Christians killed in Good Friday attack on IDP camp in Nigeria


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Islamic violence has driven many Christians away from their homes in Nigeria, but even the places they flee to aren't always safe

At least 32 Christians were killed last Friday (7 April) in an attack by suspected Fulani militants on an internally displaced people (IDP) camp in Benue State, Nigeria. Many of the victims are believed to be women and children. 

“The ugly incident occurred [at 9pm] while people were asleep,” the chairman of the camp told Open Doors local partners. “The militants invaded the camp and started slaughtering people. When they noticed that people became aware of their presence, they started shooting which resulted in the death of 32 persons.”

The IDP camp houses nearly 30,000 people, mostly Christians who have fled their villages because of Fulani militant attacks. The camp mainly comprises women and children. The men have either been killed or have tried to return to their farms to earn income. Many of the men who remain in the camp are elderly or injured. It’s next to a primary school and, until the attack, was believed to be safe.

The incident comes amidst widespread attacks across Benue State. This includes an attack on a church in the village of Akenawe on Palm Sunday, in which a young boy was killed and at least three people, including the pastor, were kidnapped. Fulani militants are again believed to be responsible. 

Please continue to pray for our family in Nigeria amidst the extreme persecution many of them are facing.


please pray
  • For the Lord’s peace and protection to rest over the IDP camp
  • That those grieving and traumatised will tangibly know God’s healing and comforting presence
  • That the camp leaders will be given wisdom and discernment as they look after people amid this huge setback, and that the government will put in place stronger measures to protect vulnerable communities across Nigeria.

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