News China | 27 April 2023

The Chinese Church doesn't stop from reaching out and discipling the next generation for Christ


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Precious worship time during the camp. In China, minors under 18 are forbidden to participate in any religious activities in any form.

In 2018, China strengthened its regulations on Religious Affairs including the nationwide execution of the ban on children or youth below 18 years old from practicing their faith or attending any church services or activities.

However, this does not stop the Chinese Church from reaching out and discipling the next generation for Christ and His kingdom.

Recently, one of our partners paid a visit to a 3-day underground youth prayer camp in a city in western China.

Xiu* OD partner shares, “These young believers spent time to worship and to pray for their country, their family members, and other non-believers for their salvation in Christ! It was very powerful! I can feel the presence of the Lord!”

This group of young believers came from different backgrounds. “Some are orphans while others were rejected by their families because of their faith. They were hugging each other at the end of the camp. It was one of the most incredible moments I have seen!”


please pray
  • Praise God for this opportunity to witness this prayer camp! It is a testimony that even with the tight state-imposed regulations, God is moving in the midst of the Chinese Church, especially in the life of the young people.
  • That young people in China will continue to listen and receive the gospel despite restrictions and opposition.
  • That God will raise more courageous workers to reach out to the next generation in China.
  • That the Lord will provide connections, materials, and tools to can be effectively and efficiently used in ministering to China’s next generation.

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