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Bangladesh: Muslim-Background Believer prays for his persecutors


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With a population of over 99% Muslim in Bangladesh, it is very difficult for Muslim-Background Believers (MBB) to live safely as most areas would be Muslim dominated. Even with this very real risk, MBBs in Bangladesh stand strong in their faith and through persecution come, they remain faithful to Jesus no matter how much fear they feel.

During some religious festivals like Ramadan, Eid-al Fitr, Eid-ul Adha, and even Christian festivities like Christmas or Easter, the MBBs are heavily watched, and persecution tends to increase during this time.

For MBB, Brother Jahid (36), persecution came around the time of Eid-al Fitr recently, when he was kicked out of his home because of his faith.

Brother Jahid and his family live in a remote area in the northern part of Bangladesh. He and his family have been believers for about 13 years and for that many years, they’ve kept their faith a secret. His children grew up learning from the Bible and about Jesus Christ. And even they know to keep their faith quiet for their own safety.

Recently, Brother Jahid and his family were kicked out of his home and had to take temporary shelter at a local primary school where his children used to study.

“My relatives (uncles) noticed that I do not go to Mosque for Muslim prayers and do not fast during Ramadan (as a Muslim). They reminded me several times that I should follow their religious rules, but I did not do it because I am a Christian,” said Brother Jahid, “When they realized that I won’t fast during Ramadan and won’t go to Mosque for Muslim prayers, they united and planned to kick me out of my society and they did it very successfully. But I do not have any place to go. Now I am homeless.”

Brother Jahid shared how afraid he is of more persecution he or his family might face. “I am in fear of more persecution. So I do not want my Christian friends to visit me because if my neighbours know it and see it then I will be in big trouble. I do not want to invite persecution. Please pray for me and my family,” said Brother Jahid pleadingly.

This persecution started last year (2022) during the Christmas celebration. Brother Jahid’s kids love singing Christian songs, but their Muslim neighbours hate Christian songs, and they do not want to hear such music or sound. Last year during Christmas time the kids of Brother Jahid were singing Christmas songs at their home and somehow their extended relatives heard it and they began to protest against it strongly and warned them not to sing again such ‘sinful songs’ again.

“My children were singing Christmas songs at home with joy and happiness. They love singing worship songs. But, the Muslim people forcefully stopped my children from singing such songs. They said you cannot practice your Christian faith here. My children were not ready for such a reaction from the Muslims because they are still very young. Since then, they stopped singing such songs. It is very sad for my children and us as parents,” said Brother Jahid.

He is not only concerned about his family but also very concerned about his relatives’ salvation. He regularly prays for the Muslims who persecute him and forced him to stop worshipping the Lord and forcefully kicked him out of his home. He is praying and has requested us to pray for the people who persecuted him so that they find the true God. Especially during Muslim festivities like Ramadan, he prays that the Lord would open the eyes of their hearts to see the love of God and find the truth. He wishes someday in the future his neighbours will follow the Lord and worship Him and sing Christmas songs during the Christmas celebration. He said “I have pain in my heart because of their persecution but I do not hate them. I love them. I pray for the Lord to bring them to Him.”

Local partners have been praying for Brother Jahid and his family, keeping in touch regularly, and trying to find out how to support the family. They asked him if it is ok to visit him and pray together with his family but he requested us not to visit him because of the situation and asked the global church to pray for his family. He is very happy because we care about his family and have been praying for his family constantly.

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please pray
  1. Pray for Brother Jahid and his family. Pray that God would protect them and help them to stand back again and would be able to adjust to the situation. Pray for God to make a way for his family to have a safe home where they can openly worship Him and sing worship songs.

  2. Pray for Brother Jahid’s relatives and neighbours who have persecuted him and kicked his family out of their homes. Pray for God to forgive them and give them a heart of love for the people and open their blinded eyes to see the true love of the Lord and find salvation that in future these persecutors shall worship the Lord and sing worship songs altogether.


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