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Finding hope in Pakistan after Jaranwala violence


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‘God has faithfully been with us’: Finding hope in Pakistan
Two months after the devastating violence in Jaranwala, Christians are finding hope thanks to your support and prayers.

Razia* and her family live on a remote street in a part of Punjab, Pakistan, where there are six Christian families and a small prayer room. But their lives were upended in mid-August when their community was overrun by an angry mob who set fire to homes and churches. Razia’s home—and the other believers’ homes—and the small prayer room were all attacked during the violence that impacted Christians in and around the city of Jaranwala.

“We are just a handful of families,” Razia’s father asks. “Who could have told hundreds of angry people to come and attack us and pull down our church? We do not understand.

“In fact, even after the incident, no one knew we were here. You are the first people who have come to us.”

Razia’s father was speaking to a group of Christian care workers from the HOPE (Helping Others Pray and Encourage) Community, an Open Doors partner on the ground. Thanks to your gifts and prayers, these partners have been equipped to help believers in the Jaranwala region as they recover from the violence.

Razia echoed her father’s surprise when the HOPE team arrived. “How did you find us? No one knows we are here!” she said as the team knocked at her door.

For many days, no one had reached out to them or their pastor. But the joy that radiated from Razia and her family was undeniable. “But God has faithfully been with us and met our needs,” she said.

The people in Razia’s neighborhood told the HOPE team that their jobs and businesses have been significantly impacted after the violence that left this Christian community devastated. They ask for our continued prayers as they continue to recover and try to restore what was lost. “Please pray for God’s hand on our businesses, our daughters and our Christian faith; all of these are at risk,” they ask.

Life for Razia and her neighbors remains very difficult. The memories of what happened three weeks ago are very painful and heavy. Please continue to pray for them and the other Christians in this part of Pakistan as they continue to mourn and heal. Ask God to bring the peace that only He can give.

Thanks to your support, the HOPE (Helping Others Pray and Encourage) Community—an Open Doors partner on the ground—has been equipped to help with both immediate and long-term needs in the affected communities. Your gifts to Open Doors support HOPE’s ongoing efforts in these areas of ministry on the ground.


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