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WATCH: ‘We had to leave [Iran]’


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Simin’s story is heartbreaking. The event that sticks out most is when she sat in prison, told that she may never see her daughter again. As she was interrogated, her captor asked her: “If you don’t come back to Islam, you’ll spend years in prison—what will happen to your child? Even if you go free, you won’t get a job anywhere.”

Simin’s crime? Attending a secret house church in Iran.

But her story didn’t end there. Watch now:

After enduring unthinkable persecution, Simin and her family faced new challenges as they had to make a life in a new culture and language. They connected with an Open Doors worker, and Simin participated in a Open Doors-provided training about discipleship that helps women overcome the pain of persecution. The training also prepares the participants to serve others. Simin followed the whole course over the span of a year, with online meetings and face-to-face conferences and meetings.

“I learned a lot, and I could find trust again,” Simin says. “Eventually I began to get better mentally and spiritually. It was a great help when I had no one!”

God has continued to be with the family in their new home. Simin shares that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer—but that Jesus healed her through prayer. God has also encouraged Simin to help and support other women who experience persecution.

“I’m not completely in a safe zone yet, but I understand the pain of those women. I want to comfort and serve them!” she shares with joy. Through an online ministry, Simin teaches the Bible to women in Iran and prepares them to lead house churches.

“In the journey of my life, I experienced persecution a lot,” she says. “But I always witnessed God at work!”

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