Story Egypt | 06 August 2023

WATCH NOW: A story of pain and hope in Egypt


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Baher and his family were caught in a cycle of hopelessness. But God didn’t leave them there. Watch this powerful story of hope

“Working at a quarry inevitably leads to death.”

This is what Baher*, an Egyptian Christian, says as he looks back at the most painful part of his life: when he had to work at a dangerous rock quarry; when he lost his arm in an accident; when his brother died in the quarry; when it felt like God had abandoned him.

But Baher’s story doesn’t end with the painful memories. And it’s not one you’ll want to miss:

Watch Baher’s story

Baher and his brother were casualties of the never-ending cycle that plagues many Christians in places like Egypt where the decision to follow Jesus often removes their options in life. Baher’s family are Christians in a region of Egypt where believers can be seen as inferior and second-class citizens. Often this means they have few options in life, left to take dangerous, lowpaying jobs like working in the quarry. And because these families can’t afford school fees, children never get the education they need to qualify for higher-paying jobs or career positions. The tragic cycle continues.

The future, for young people and the church, looks desolate. But you can change it. Please, will you rewrite the future for young Christians like Baher, in Egypt and the Middle East?

Just as hopelessness had almost engulfed Baher and his family, God mercifully intervened through one of our local partners. Our partner organization has walked alongside Baher and his family, offering practical, emotional and spiritual support that includes presence, prayer and a sheep breeding microproject. As Fady, a staff member with our partner organization, began visiting the family, Baher’s trust in him and the whole ministry gradually grew. Eventually, Baher enrolled in the ministry’s discipleship group.

Although Baher cannot read, his discipleship group showed him how to make God’s Word part of his life through an audio Bible. “[It] allows me to listen to the Word of God daily and experience an intimate relationship with Him,” he says. “Even though my mind is preoccupied, I feel serene when I engage with God’s Word because Jesus is everything to me.

“We have shifted our focus from blaming God to praising Him, and now we go to church on a regular basis,” he shares.

Praise God for writing a new story for our brother in Egypt!