Story Philippines | 21 February 2022
“God is at work when there is persecution” , Precious a Filipino MBB


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Precious* (59) is from one of Southern Philippines' 13 Muslim tribes. She is a Muslim-background believer.

Precious shares the latest updates about her ministry in this video, and how, despite the threats, she remains calm in the storm because she knows God is on her side.
Her tribe is proud of its heritage. "My tribe will say we have royal blood," Precious explains, referring to their belief that they are royal descendants but never felt that she was royalty.

She came to faith in Christ in 1990 when she was on the verge of committing suicide because she felt she had no purpose in life. Everything changed when she met Christ and realized her true calling: to serve God. 

Precious has always been courageous in sharing the gospel with her tribe, despite knowing how dangerous it can be. However, when the threat became more dangerous, she felt fear – but fear of the ministry being taken down, not of death.